Temple of the Divine Flame (TOTDF) was founded in the year 2012 as a 501(d) Religious Organization in response to the growing need of answers from the worlds populace concerning religion, spirituality, and life.  The world at the time approaching 2012 and thereafter seemed to be growing in conscious awareness which spurred questions such as:

  • Why do I believe as I do?
  • What and/or where is the origin of what I believe?
  • Is what I believe similar to any other religion?
  • Can morality exists without religion?

And much, much more…

Many of those who are part of TOTDF have a long history of helping others such as Minister T. Amen II whom has been personally feeding the homeless and helping those in need since his late teens and early 20’s.

As is the core reasoning for the TOTDF to exist, we seek the answers, the core answers that in the end unifies us rather than what our differences may be.

TOTDF members come from all walks of life, and make up various religious/spiritual beliefs and ethnicity.  We are held together under a common thread of recognizing there is something beyond man and woman that has constructed the world and all we see and this something may go by many names and/or symbols.  We also agree across all religious backgrounds that man is not above this creator and as such man shall not try to correct or modify which is perfectly created unless an individual chooses to do so upon his own free will.


May the Creator Bless All Good People Everywhere!